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Free Teacher PD selects the best webinars from SimpleK12's teacher professional development learning community and provides audio snippets to let you listen to audio webinars on the go. We cover every topic of interest to teachers, administrators and schools, and include topics that range from iPads and mobile learning to bullying, classroom management, and everything in between.
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Jun 23, 2015

Welcome to a new episode of Free Teacher PD:  Part 1 of Designing and Implementing Formative Assessments, It's Easier than You Think, with Jayme Linton.

It seems like everyone is talking about formative assessment these days, but do you know how to design and implement formative assessments in your school or classroom?

This episode and the one following will help you develop a clear understanding of what formative assessments are, how they differ from summative assessments, and what they look like in classrooms.

Join Jayme Linton as she shares examples of formative assessments and templates for creating your own. You'll also learn strategies for analyzing formative assessment data and using it to inform your instruction.


Let’s get learning!

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